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The Pollinator Highway is a species-rich meadow-like natural environment, a green corridor between districts and a space for people to move around, which offers a variety of outdoor activities. The Pollinator Highway runs along the former railway dam and today's transmission tower corridor. The connection of high-voltage lines to the underground cable frees up the potential for a city-wide linear park.


The name Pollinator Highway refers to an already existing movement corridor used by pollinators (butterflies, bumblebees and solitary bees) as well as other groups of animals to move from one green area to another. 

The first stage of the Pollinator Highway is located in Northern Tallinn, a vacant area surrounded by garages, bounded by Ehte, Sõle and Puhangu Streets and Kolde Boulevard. In its entirety, the Pollinator Highway runs from the Telliskivi Creative City through the Kopli freight station, through the Merimetsa urban forest along the border between Kristiine, Mustamäe, Haabersti and Nõmme districts to Hiiu - 13,5 kilometres all in all.


The Pollinator Highway is defined both by biodiversity as well as urbanization. City and nature are not opposites: the guiding principle of the Pollinator Highway is to preserve and enhance biodiversity while offering various outdoor activities and possibilites for using sustainable transport (e.g. walking and cycling).

The Pollinator Highway will be transformed into a vibrant city-wide linear park in the near future. But even now, while the  concept of the linear park is in development,  there is a lot to  enjoy and discover on the Pollinator Highway today.

The Pollinator Highway concept is developed with the support of two European Union Interreg projects. Both the Augmented Urbans project (2018-2020) and the B.Green project (2020-2022) are funded by the Central Baltic Program, which supports cross-border cooperation, sustainable urban mobility and cohesive communities. The Pollinator Highway project is led by a team of urban planners at the Tallinn Strategy Unit (formerly Urban Planning Department of the Government of Tallinn).


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