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Repurposing Transmission Towers

Transmission towers carrying high voltage lines form the axis of the Insect Trail. By putting the lines into an underground cable - work that has already begun - the pylons are destined to disappear from the cityscape. We want to preserve some masts as landmarks and an exciting stratum from the history of the Pollinator Highway and give them a new meaning and function. In the linear park design of the northern part of the Pollinator Highway, we design versatile activity pockets near the masts. By dismantling the pylons into modules and reassembling them in a new way, the masts can become, for example, light poles, greenhouses, climbing towers or observation platforms - such ideas have been proposed by the locals during a crowdsourcing project. Our concept is to turn masts into a new kind of “energy masts” with integrated smart city solutions that function as landmarks and support versatile uses. The precondition for rethinking the masts is cooperation of the current owner of the masts: Elering  and the city of Tallinn. 

The afterlife of the Pollinator Highway's transmission towers by the Department of Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts. 3DL studio: a Diagrammatic Change in Materiality

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