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A Catalog of Pollinator-Friendly Plants

In the Pollinator-friendly plant catalog, you can find nearly 900 plants that are suitable for both urban spaces and gardens in our climate. The catalog is a constantly expanding database, where comprehensive information about plants is linked to search options to find a plant with suitable characteristics for a garden, park or public green space. For example, you can search for plants by height, flower color, and required light and humidity conditions. In addition to the description, you can find out about each plant on a 5-point scale how valuable it is to pollinators and which pollinators it attracts. Bumblebees, solitary bees, lilacs and day and night butterflies have been singled out as pollinators.


We hope that the catalog will be helpful for everyone: hobby gardener, garden designer, landscape architect and others to make a more informed choice of plants in the garden, green area or on the street. In this way, more plant species reach our garden and urban space, which, in addition to being pleasing to the eye, also have an important value for pollinating insects, birds and other animal species. Let's make our home environment more biodiverse!

The authors of the catalog are landscape architect Liivi Mäekallas and biodiversity expert Meelis Uustal. If you have any questions about using the catalog, please contact the Polllinator Highway team or the landscaping team of the Environment and Communal Works Department of the Tallinn City.

You can find the catalog FROM HERE!

Happy using!

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