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4th Section of Space: Merimets

Merimets (Sea Forest) is a seaside city forest.

Existing Situation

+ Merimets is a local-level nature protection zone

+ an important recreational area

+ situated in close proximity to a public beach

- Thehigh-voltage power line corridor and the former railway corridor bisects the area

Natural Environment

+ a diverse natural environment: a century-old pineforest, meadows, wetlands, ruderal environments

+ the largest amphibian habitat in the district

+ a diverse habitat for pollinators

- a need to build resilience and protect the environment

Spatial Planning and Interventions

  • A need to design and construct a fast bike path through the forest to improve urban connectivity

  • A need to reorganize the pedestrian walkway network

  • A need to improve the living conditions of  amphibians

  • An intent to develop a comprehensive landscape architecture design solution

  • A need to create connections between public buildings, housing, and public space surrounding the forest

  • A strong need to protect and preserve the fragile natural environment


The concept project for Merimets offers a primary solution for the area, which was designed by landscape architects from Sfäär Planeeringud.  We invite you to take a look at the sketch, share your ideas, and give us feedback via Maptionnaire. 

You can also find the landscape architecture sketch in full detail HERE.

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