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2nd Spatial Section- Paavli

Paavli is a district for businesses and small industriesahead anticipating urban transformation.

Existing Situation

- morally obsolete urban space

- predominantly closed  and cut-off business quarter for enterprises and small industry

- urban space deadlock

+ the main building of the furniture factory "Standard" is a landmark

Natural Environment

- a heat island, an important contrubutor to raising the air temperature in an urban space

+ The slope of the railway dam is important for pollinators as a breeding and feeding area

- existing soil pollution

Spatial Planning and Interventions

  • improvement of the street network, creation of pedestrian and bicycle road connections, implementation of a tram line

  • planning a modern environment for small businesses

  • introducing new functionalities

  • creation of public space, opening up the closed area to the public

  • increasing biodiversity

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