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3rd Spatial Section - Pelguranna

Pelguranna is a modernist panel-housing area, located in Northern Tallinn. It is the largest subdistrict of Northern Tallinn by population.

Existing Situation

+ The oldest panel-housing area in Tallinn

+ an area with a unique urban fabric: a garage village and spatially clearly defined transmission tower corridor

+ the augmented reality urban art gallery and the Pelgu community garden are located here

- Sõle Street interrupts the continuity of the Pollinator Highway

Natural Environment

+ an extensive lush meadow area

- currently of average value for pollinators

Spatial Planning and Interventions

  • The designing and implementation of a linear park is in progress

  • An ongoing design process of the Pelgu allotment garden

  • An ongoing redesign process of transmission towers into landmarks and activity pockets

  • An ongoing design process for a new tramline to Stroomi beach

  • Construction of a bicycle highway in addition to the pedestrian road network

Take a look at the spatial concept for the Paavli & Pelguranna spatial sections of the Pollinator Highway here and here!


vision of a linear park

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