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Leisure Activities

The Northern Tallinn section of the Pollinator Highway will offer a variety of leisure activities. You can visit the Pelgu community garden today already. In the future, many more attractions will be built here: for example, sports fields, playgrounds, seating areas with benches and tables for outdoor lessons, barbecue places for picnics etc.

The so-called activity pockets will be furnished with various elements such as swings, tribunes, platforms, grills, benches, etc. The larger activity pocket accommodates a football field separated by a fence. Benches and rubbish bins will also be placed next to the central movement axis. A public water tap will be built in more active places and bicycle racks will be installed.


The towering high-voltage masts will be given a new form and meaning: for example, as a café and a greenhouse surrounded by wooden terraces. There is a visionary gazebo on the railway dam, to enjoy inspiring views towards Kolde pst.

When furnishing the area with new functions and designing their layout the suggestions of the citizens which were submitted for the idea pick in the spring of 2019, have been taken into account. In addition, new features suitable for the area have been proposed by the project team.

Functions and activities in other sections of the Pollinator Highway will be interpreted in cooperation with local communities during the project. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to carry out innovation procurements to find smart city solutions and prototype solutions that support the the Pollinator Highway.

Activity pockets for playing teqla and badminton, bicycle maintenance and lawn games planned for the Northern Tallinn section of the Pollinaotr Highway

Visualization: KIno landscape architects

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