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'Interspecies Crossing'

Nabeel Imtiaz, Paulina Schroeder, Augustas Lapinskas, Christian Hörner

‘Interspecies Crossing’ is a landmark built for the non-human inhabitants of Tallinn. It bridges the rupture in the Pollinator Highway by connecting the tree canopies on either side of Akadeemia Street, hinting towards the need for safe passage of non-human creatures. Prepared with a nutritional growth base for Lichen, the structure will evolve over time to act as a reminder that we humans share the space of our cities with other living beings in mutual responsibility and care.

Materials: hemp rope, hemp net, metal, recycled cable ties, wooden connecting cables, lichen

Location: Akadeemia intersection (map)

Public vote winner

A total of 1,053 votes were cast in the public vote, and the winning proposal was the installation ´Interspecies Crossing´.

The jury pointed out that the proposal works on multiple levels and fits in very well with the concept of the Pollinator Highway, bringing primary focus on insects, while also creating a visual landmark that draws attention to the interruption of green spaces in the urban environment. Interruptions caused by highways are one of the biggest problems in crossing the Pollinator Highway, which is why it is necessary to tackle the issue. The proposal was considered both conceptually and visually intriguing.

Download the proposal HERE.

Directions and accessibility


By bike or on foot, the nearest address to help you navigate is Pööris Street 22.

Via public transport take bus 13 or 36 to ’Pöörise’. Continue along Akadeemia Road towards Järveotsa Road until ’Interspecies Crossing’ (200 m).

The installation is wheelchair accessible.

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