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Augmented Reality Application Avalinn AR

Murals that are painted on the end walls of the garages at the Pollinator Highway hide a virtual information layer, which can be seen through a specially developed augmented reality application Avalinn AR. There are a total of 4 wall paintings: "Species Richness", "Sustainable Mobility", "Reuse of Garages" and "Leisure Activities".

The purpose of the smart app is to enable the citizens of Tallinn to experience the landscape architecture solution of the Pollinator Highway via augmented reality. This is the first time in Estonia that a smart application has been created for this purpose.


By pointing your smart device at a mural, the visions of the Pollinator Highway come to life. One can get acquainted with the insect and plant species in the area, get a glimpse of the future open-air activities and also get an overview where the movement corridors for cyclists and a prospective tramline is planned.

Download Avalinn AR from the App Store or Google Play and come and discover the urban space of the future!

Artboard 1.png

How to arrive to the Pollinator Highway -  to come and explore the augmented reality solution?


Ride your bike along Kopli Street to Paavli Street, until you reach Sõle Street. If you notice the mural "Species richness" painted on the end wall of garage at 1 Ehte Street, you have arrived to the Pollinator Highway.

Travelling by bus. hop off the bus at the  Ehte stop (lines 26, 26a, 32, 33, 40, 48 and 72)

if you are arriving from the direction of Stroomi beach, walk along Kolde boulevard until you spot  the colourful "Leisure activities on the  Pollinator Highway" mural.

If you do not know your way around in Tallinn, just use the keyword "Pelguaed" (Pelgu community garden) as your reference in Google Maps.

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