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Alternative Uses for Garages

The garage cooperatives that line the insect path are a reminder of the Soviet era, when well-kept Zhiguli or Zaporozhye stood in every box, which was put together on weekends with neighbors. Inside and around the garages, community life could be re-ignited by bringing new activities to the garages. Why not open a café, a bicycle repair shop, a band room, a small workshop or something fifth here to bring a function to the area that is most lacking right now?


The re-use of garages could be done with relatively little redevelopment and affordability. Terraces could be created on the roof of the garage or by the walls to open up the sharp views or build green roofs instead. Green roofs increase the share of greenery and are important in increasing biodiversity and reducing the negative impact of heat islands. The walls of the garages could be decorated with street art or climbing plants to increase the attractiveness of the park area and improve the overall appearance of the area.

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