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Straw Chapel

Eneli Kleemann, Katariina Mustasaar, Lill Volmer, Mia Martina Peil, Marie Anette Veesaar


'Straw Chapel' is a modern community pavilion that represents local values, environmentally friendly building methods and materials, community activities, a do-it-yourself attitude and spending time in nature. The pavilion connects both local and distant visitors of the Pollinator Highway, offering a place for holding events and workshops, or just a stop to rest during a long walk. The building process of the pavilion was rather experimental, involving a community workshop introducing the principles of straw construction.

Materials: straw, CLT, wood, sheet metal

Location: Pollinator Highway green area nearby the intersection of Halla and Pärituule Street (map)

Jury feedback

According to the jury, the submitted installation was open and inviting, with good use of materials and durability. The idea to involve the community in the process of implementing the project was highly commended. The location of the 'Straw Chapel' was very well chosen - there was a need and potential for planning a gathering place for the locals in the Mustjõe area. The graphic presentation of the proposal was excellent and the solution well-thought-out.

Download the proposal HERE.

Directions and accessibility


By bike or on foot, the nearest address to help you navigate is Kõrgepinge Street 14.

Via public transport take bus 21, 21B, 22, 41, 41B, 42, or 43 to ’Mustjõe’. Continue along Paldiski Road, turn right onto the Pollinator Highway via Mustjõe Street and continue straight on until ’Straw Chapel’ (1 km).

The installation is wheelchair accessible.

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