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‘Place Buzz’ will bring environmentally sensitive public art to the Pollinator Highway

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Press release, Jan 11, 2022.

Tallinn Strategic Centre announced the installation competition ‘Place Buzz’ with the aim to enrich the Pollinator Highway with environmentally sensitive public art. We are looking for innovative location-specific, environmentally sensitive and community-engaging contemporary installations which are art works or architectural objects. “We want to make the Pollinator Highway’s environment more lively and diverse,” Tallinn’s Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet, who is responsible for the environmental field, explained. “The installations will enrich the sections and places of the Pollinator Highway that right now feel monotonous and whose identity and sense of place need strengthening – we will bring some buzz to the Pollinator Highway. Art is a universal tool to make sense of the values that are hidden in the urban environment,” he continued. “The establishment of installations is one way to further introduce the Pollinator Highway’s project and highlight it in the city space. The Pollinator Highway’s project is a part of a larger plan of making Tallinn’s urban environment greener and more human-scaled.”

Anyone involved in the field of art, architecture or urban studies is welcome to participate. We ask you to base your decisions on the principles of sustainability and the materials’ lifecycles when creating the installations and choosing your materials. The submitted work needs to be feasible and fit into the prescribed budget of 20,000 euros per installation, including the prize fund. We are planning to establish the installations in the spring and summer of 2022 and they will be up until at least the end of 2023.

The competition is led by the Tallinn Strategic Management Office Spatial Planning Team and the competition rules were completed in cooperation with the Pollinator Highway’s working group. The competition is based on the concept of the Pollinator Highway, the development strategy Tallinn 2035 and Tallinn’s values as the Green Capital of Europe 2023. The project is developed with the support of B.Green, a European Union project funded by the Interreg Central Baltic Program, which supports cross-border cooperation, sustainable urban mobility, and cohesive communities.

The competition jury is composed of Tallinn’s Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet, the Tallinn Strategic Management Office Competence Centre for Spatial Planning’s Urban Planner Anna Semonjova and Public Art Curator Kati Ots, Helsinki Art Museum’s Public Art Curators Aleksandra Kiskonen and Kristiina Ljokkoi, Mae Köömnemägi representing the Estonian Association of Architects, Elin Kard representing the Estonian Artists’ Association and Kristiina Kupper representing the Urban Environment and Public Works Department and Estonian Landscape Architects' Union.

In addition, one of the winning designs will be chosen through online public voting on the Maptionnaire platform in the spring of 2022.

The deadline for submitting the proposals is 18 February 2022. You can find the materials of the design competition in the Public Procurement Register with the reference number 243179.

More information and our contact:

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