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Tallinn calls on residents to select favourite proposals in Pollinator Highway public art contest

Today, Tallinn announced a public vote to choose the winner from among 19 entries submitted to the Pollinator Highway installation competition entitled ‘Place Buzz’. Get acquainted with the works and vote for your favourite HERE!

Press release, April 1, 2022

Nineteen works were submitted for the installation competition entitled ‘Place Buzz’. From these, three winning works will be selected: two by the competition jury and one by public vote. The public vote runs until 12 April.

The objective of the installation competition is to enrich the Pollinator Highway with nature-friendly urban art. “We want to make the Pollinator Highway’s environment more lively and diverse,” explains Tallinn Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet, who is responsible for the environmental field. “The installations will enrich the sections and spaces of the Pollinator Highway that currently feel monotonous and whose identity and sense of place need strengthening – we will bring some buzz to the Pollinator Highway.”

“The Pollinator Highway project is part of a larger plan to make Tallinn’s urban environment greener and more human-sized. We would like to add more public art installations – just like the ones we are trying out with the Pollinator Highway – to other green spaces in Tallinn in the future,” adds Svet.

We are looking for site-specific, innovative, environment- and community-sensitive conceptual works for art or architectural objects. The competition area is the Pollinator Highway’s route from Paldiski Road to Hiiu. The winning works will be brought to life in the second half of 2022 and will remain on the Pollinator Highway until the end of 2023 at least.

The leaders and curators of the competition are the Tallinn Strategic Management Office Spatial Planning Team in cooperation with the Pollinator Highway working group. The competition is based on the concept of the Pollinator Highway, the Tallinn 2035 Development Strategy and Tallinn’s values as the Green Capital of Europe 2023. The Pollinator Highway is part of the external project ‘B.Green’ funded by the Central Baltic Programme, which supports cross-border cooperation projects, sustainable urban traffic and tight-knit communities.

The Pollinator Highway is one of Tallinn’s major projects as the Green Capital of Europe 2023. Tallinn aims to further involve communities in developing the city, find ways to support and carry out green innovation, develop carbon-neutral mobility options and circular economy, develop the city by following the principles of sustainable development and help citizens in understanding the importance of caring for the environment. We wish to improve our citizens’ quality of life and create a better living environment and urban space in our environmentally friendly city.

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